Contemporary Mosaics, Mixed Media, Virtual Arts Artist

Starting out slowly in 2005 by giving mosaic gifts I had made, I eventually found what materials I liked, how I liked to use them and what tools were my favorite. My design preferences involve suns, crescent moons, sparkly stars and swirls or wavy lines of intense color used in an abstract way. Geometric shapes of stained glass and mirror are used to create what I call scrap art. When using dish tiles or shards my style can be associated with folk art.

Art has always been a part of my life. Growing up in a river town in New Jersey in the late 60's early 70's only a small bridge away from New Hope, PA, I had the pleasure of walking over the bridge of the Delaware River daily into a whole universe of creativity. The smells of the water and fish from the river, strawberry incense and Hendrix guitar licks wafting through the head shop just off of the bridge into town is my most distinct memory. As a teenager, I found the psychedelic posters and trippy music within the store a favorite place to go. At the time I didn't realize that everything has an energy to it but even as a young teenager I felt an electric spark that would stay with me forever during those early years. I felt at home walking along the street gazing at all the shops filled with abstract paintings, pottery, being so close to theatre, coffee houses, restaurants with live jazz bands and boutiques of all kinds. These were my people! An energy never lost by the muse who guides me now was made throughout those early years.

My mosaics are often made using small scrap pieces of stained glass and recycled mirror. Pieces of broken dishes and mugs are used giving them new life. Discarded wine and beer bottles become bottle art that shine and glow when placed in a window or near a lamp. Microwave plates become sun catchers filled with color. Broken pieces of jewelry, buttons, seashells, rocks and stones get placed in my work and are often focal points.

A lot of me goes into every piece I work on. Nurturing my art allows the art to nurture me. I'm proud of my work and would love everyone to find the same joy I feel when creating art.