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Scrap Glass Mosaic Peace Sign
Peace Sign - Scrap Glass
Stained Glass Mosaic
12 inches

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A very groovy peace sign created in funky scrap glass pieces of stained glass and mirror. A big red glass half circle is the focal point and that's where it started. I filled this peace sign with as much as I could. Many hand cut small pieces of stained glass, mirror, glass tiles, glass half circles (I call them gems) and small circular glass called millefiori surround this 12 inch peace sign and we think it's bright and colorful!

Perfect for anyone, any room, any time of year, all year long.

Grouted in black, outer edges are covered in a nifty polka dotted black and white ribbon and the inside edges are painted in a very light grey. A keyhole notch in the back makes this mosaic ready to hang!

Many people love peace signs; all ages seem to gravitate toward this sign. It never goes out of style and is always contemporary as well as nostalgic. Gift this to your tween, your grandmother, your boss, your 30-something daughter. Gift yourself. Just because.

Celebrate the gift of peace!

Indoor use only.