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6 inch peace sign
Peace Sign - Autumn Inspired
stained glass, van gogh glass, millefiori
6 inches

Another fantastic handmade stained glass mosaic peace sign wall hanging. We love peace signs!

Using beautiful pieces of iridescent glass and bits and pieces in an array of colors makes this one extra special. Van Gogh glass and millefiori was also incorporated. Focal point in the center has an awesome design.

Autumn inspired, looking like a big pile of raked fall leaves, this peace sign has almost all of my favorite colors within it. Twine is used at the top for easy hanging. I've added a felt pad to the bottom on the back to protect your walls.

I love mosaic peace signs and enjoy the time it takes to create one. Add this to your collection or help someone start one.

Hippie vibes and lots of love went into this one. From the bits and pieces I created a work of art for your home or as a gift for someone you love.

Indoor Use Only.

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