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Panel - Abstract Art
Panel - Abstract - Fruit Medley
Stained Glass
9.5 x 5.5 inches

This mosaic is entitled "Fruit Medley". It is based on a photograph I took of plastic oranges and a pear in a basket. I used some funky editing on the photo and came up with some awesome colors making it abstract and very different.

This is made on a piece of Styrofoam (which cannot be recycled here in our area). I covered it with layers of plaster cast strips and thin set cement before putting a mosaic on it. As usual, I like to use things that were headed to the dumpster and create art from them. Saving the landfill and making art is a fantastic feeling!

This looks great sitting on a shelf or on a table. I used iridescent glass and colored mirror around the fruit giving it a frame of sorts. It can be placed in a custom frame if desired. That's entirely up to you to decide once you've seen it in person.

Great gift for newlyweds or newly retired. Birthday, anniversary or just because, gift it, keep it, but definitely enjoy this one-of-a-kind mosaic piece of art.

Stand is included.

My signature, a peace sign charm, has been added. Signed and dated.

Indoor use only.

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