Mosaic  Stained Glass Moon Phases, Vase, Bohemian, Mosaic Vase, Candle holder,  Boho Art, Hippie, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Mothers Day 

This mosaic stained glass moon phases vase is truly a work of art. Each side has a phase of the moon's progress as it cycles throughout a month. The moon is done in iridescent white glass. The top is a beautiful deep blue, the center is in a bright orange and the bottom is in an even  deeper purple. Place this near a light source or use as a candle holder to see the colors distinctly.

I think this would make anyone who loves moon art very happy. Use it in conjunction with the phases of the moon, turning it each time a new phase comes. Fill it with flowers in the center of a table or alter.

Gift to a best friend for their birthday. Makes a great wedding gift. Anyone who has a meditation practice with an alter would love this. WE love  this! <3 


Measures 8 x 3 inches

Indoor use recommended. Can be used outdoors but do not leave in weather; rain or temperature changes. This is not weather-proof.  



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