I said last week that I'd share some of my newest doodles. Please  understand the late night doodles are just rambling, random things. But  I'll share them anyway because it's part of who I am.

This doodle took over a month to do. I didn't work on it every day but  when I did it was hours at a time. I think eventually I might get a  frame for it. 

 These are the late night doodles. The 3 AM, I can't sleep doodles. I  have some things on my mind, so I understand it. I don't understand why  it has to be at 3 AM, however.  

 These last few are odd, even for me. Depression is around me but not  part of me. I see it in many people I love right now and I am worried  about them. That is the first thought I had about depression:  "Depression is contagious - wear a brain mask." As if that's all it  would take. Wouldn't that be great?! The second, is a reminder not  exactly to myself but to those who are suffering or unhappy right now:  "Life can be beautiful - enjoy this moment." Meaning, all we have is  NOW. Use that information, remind yourself of it and also check on  yourself, to see how you're doing a few times a day if you are blue,  sad, depressed, uninspired or feeling isolated. How are you, right this  moment? 

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