Wednesday - What Day? Means I want to share things but I'm not sure  exactly what. So, until I know, Wednesday's are going to be devoted to  different things each week, probably. There's a possibility posts might  not even happen some weeks.

This week, I thought I'd share  the sales I've had since the beginning of the year. They are all  exciting and much appreciated. I'm grateful to any customer who takes  the time to write a short note or review after they've received their  mosaic. You can read reviews through my Etsy shop.

Here are the mosaics sold, oldest to newest.

Purchased  in January, this Mosaic Switch Plate has Stained Glass, Van Gogh Glass  and ball chain. I call it "Fire Star". Nifty, right?! 

 Purchased in February, this Green Apple Mosaic Wall Art made a new  customer very happy. I learned she too is a mosaic artist. That makes it  even more special! This design was based on a bowl I put mosaic in many  years ago and use often as my logo. 

 Next up, purchased in March, this Mosaic Gazing Ball, "Peace, Love and  Happiness" went to a customer in Texarkana. It has a peace sign, a heart  and a flower on it. Very unique and many hours of gluing and patiently  waiting for it to dry so it could be turned. I love sending these  mosaics out throughout the USA. I say a grateful prayer as I send them  on their way each time. This Gazing Ball was a especially fun to make. 

 And last, was a sale I got this week on Tuesday. The newest peace sign  to join the shop. They never stay around for very long. Not that I'm  complaining! Made with pieces of scrap glass, mirror and Millefiori and  is 6 inches in size. 

 And that's it for now. Next Wednesday I'm sure I'll have something  else to share. Maybe doodles because I've been doing them a lot at the  moment.

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