Crescent Moon Mosaic

  Lavender Moon. It's hard to capture the beauty of this hand mixed  lavender grout I used for this moon in photos but if I do say so myself  the entire mosaic is absolutely luscious in person. The white iridescent  glass sparkles in different hues ranging from yellow to purple, green  and blue, the silver mirror grabs the light, dish pieces from my blue  and white stash add the perfect blending. Topped off by small black  iridescent glass circles and the lavender grout. It's awesome!!  

 Perfect  for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, housewarming, holiday. Anyone who  loves purple, blue and white AND celestial designs will absolutely LOVE  this crescent moon.

Gift to a special someone or save it for yourself. As long as it's enjoyed, it's job is done.  


My  signature, a peace sign charm, has been added. A felt pad has been  attached so the back will not scratch your walls. Signed and dated.

Indoor use only.

Measures 12 inches high

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