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Mosaic Gazing Ball
Gazing Ball - Multi-colored - Photo 1 of 3
silver mirror, stained glass, ceramic discs
6 inches

I really love this gazing ball! It measures approximately 20 inches in circumference. Diameter is around 6 inches. This is a Styrofoam ball originally 5 inches, covered in plaster cast strips and cement. Then the glass was added using a water-based glue. Must stay inside away from moisture and wet conditions. It looks fantastic sitting in a window, or how I show it here, sitting near a window on the floor. Finding a stand that works with your decor is a suggestion. Natural light is a wonderful source for my mosaics to allow them to shine all throughout the day.

The favorite thing about it is all the hand cut stained glass on it. There's an amazing amount of color and the designs are simple: circles! So many different colors have been added here. Iridescent glass in black half circles cut to fit around a ceramic unglazed circle in the center, mirror goes around the outside of each circle. Inside each one is a different color in stained glass. You can turn it around all day long and get a different experience.

Makes a great addition to someone who has a lot of plants inside on windowsills. Gift or keep it for yourself and enjoy it all year long.

Indoor use only.