Art By Earth Mother Mosaics

I find inspiration in nature. The colors of fall are my favorite to use when I mosaic with stained glass. Let me help you find some inspiration to decorate with throughout the year. Handmade items rock! A lot of me goes into every piece I work on. Nurturing my art allows the art to nurture me. I'm proud of my work and would love everyone to find the same joy I feel when playing with my mosaic muse.

Art has always been a part of my life. Growing up in Lambertville, a river town in New Jersey in the late 60's early 70's only a small bridge away from New Hope, PA, I had the pleasure of walking over the bridge of the Delaware River daily into a whole universe of creativity. The smells of the water from the river, strawberry incense and Hendrix guitar licks wafting through the head shop just off of the bridge into town is my most distinct memory. As a teenager, I found the psychedelic posters and trippy music within the store a favorite place to go. At the time I didn't realize that everything has an energy to it but even as a young teenager I felt an electric spark that would stay with me forever during those early years. I felt at home walking along the street gazing at all the shops filled with abstract paintings, pottery, being so close to theatre, coffee houses, restaurants with live jazz bands and boutiques of all kinds. These were my people! An energy never lost by the muse who guides me now was made throughout those early years.

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