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Sun and Moon Mosaic Stained Glass
Moon and Sun
stained glass
12-1/2 inches

This 12.5 inch mosaic stained glass plate is one of those pieces that needs to be seen in person to really appreciate. I call it "The Guardian". Depending on how you turn it, the moon is protecting the sun or visa versa. The sun and moon go hand-in-hand in most of my art. It seems fitting that they take care of each other.

Using a discarded microwave plate, I added a celestial design to it and made it useful once more as a piece of beautiful art. I love to recycle whenever it's possible. Saving this plate from the landfill was a happy moment. Recycling is a way of life for a mosaic artist.

The moon is done in iridescent white stained glass, with some pink along the middle. The sun is done in orange, red, yellow and amber. The blue around it is a combination of iridescent stained glass and pieces of Cathedral stained glass.

Anyone who likes celestial art will love this one. The colors that you see when placed in or near a window are incredible and change depending on how you place it.

Gift to someone special for a birthday gift, graduation, housewarming, anniversary, wedding. Or keep it for yourself because you are special too!

For indoor use only.