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Hippie Mosaic Sun Bohemian Style Wall Art
Heart of the Sun
Dish Tiles
8 inches

Mosaic Wall Art - Mosaic Sun - Heart of the Sun
Hand cut Dish Tiles, Ceramic Disc
Measures 8 inches

This mosaic wall hanging has been named "The Heart of the Sun". Another offering to the sun gods and goddesses. All sun worshipers will enjoy this one.

Done using some vintage dish tiles and a ceramic heart in the center. I particularly like that this mosaic has a nice shine to it when placed near a light source. Sides and back are painted in brown. My signature, a peace sign charm, has been added to the back along with a hanger and a felt pad to protect your walls from the paint. It's also signed and dated.

Add this to your celestial collection or help someone start one. Great gift idea for those hard to buy for friends and relatives. Makes a good addition to any room, but mostly gives you a good feeling when you look at it. Place it in the entryway for a ray of sun as you walk in the door. That new college student might appreciate a piece of original art for their dorm. Newlyweds, retirees, everyone in between could be gifted this mosaic sun.

Hippie vibes and lots of love went into this one. From the bits and pieces in hand cut dish tiles, I created a work of art for your home or as a gift for someone you love.

Indoor Use Only.