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Retro Sun Mosaic Wall Hanging
Retro Mosaic Sun
Stained Glass and Tiles
6 inches

Mosaic Wall Art - Retro Mosaic Sun
Hand cut Stained Glass and Tiles
Measures 6 inches

Another offering to the sun gods and goddesses. The newest sun mosaic wall hanging reminds me of an early 70's kitchen color choice. That's why I call it Retro. I love this one!

Using small black iridescent circles in the rays of the sun, a nifty orange ceramic circle in the center, green tiles hand cut to fit around it, stained glass in green, yellow and orange filling in all around each ray and that focal point ... they all make this a groovy piece of mosaic art. Twine is used at the top for easy hanging. Enjoy!

Add this to your celestial collection or help someone start one. Great gift idea for those hard to buy for friends and relatives. Makes a good addition to any room, but mostly gives you a good feeling when you look at it. Place it in the entryway for a ray of sun as you walk in the door. That new college student might appreciate a piece of original art for their dorm. Newlyweds, retirees, everyone in between could be gifted this mosaic sun.

Hippie vibes and lots of love went into this one. From the bits and pieces in glass and tiles, I created a work of art for your home or as a gift for someone you love.

Indoor Use Only.