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Mosaic Pendant - Gidget
Retro - Gidget
dish tiles, stained glass, peace sign charm
1 inch

Scrap pieces of dish tiles and stained glass hand cut to fit this 1 inch copper pendant. A favorite to use and often my signature on larger pieces of mosaic art, a peace sign charm, has been attached. This has a retro beach vibe to it. I often name my jewelry and this little thing is no different. It reminds me of the pattern from a bathing suit in the 60's. I call her "Gidget".

Perfect for anyone, man or woman, in your life. Great birthday gift, anniversary present, and makes a good "thinking of you" surprise.

This copper mosaic pendant comes with the chain shown in the photos and is placed in a pouch.

Measures 1 inch.

This is not waterproof. Do not wear while showering or swimming.