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Stained Glass Bohemian Tapestry Plate
Bohemian Tapestry
Stained Glass
13 inches

This 13 inch mosaic stained glass plate is one of those pieces that needs to be seen in person to really appreciate. I call it Bohemian Tapestry because it looks so much like something that would hang in a luxurious room filled with rich tapestries and rugs. The colors are truly amazing. The background of the flower changes depending on where it's placed. When flat, it's got lighter hues in green, amber, brown, blue. With light behind it, it becomes translucent. Truly beautiful and definitely a labor of love from this artists hands.

Anyone who meditates and/or likes to sit peacefully focusing on an object can use this mosaic to help them go to a higher place within their mind and relax.

Done using hand cut multi-colored stained glass called "stipple" filling in around the flower, it's beauty is unprecedented. The stipple technique is done by pressing different colors of stained glass together in the Tiffany tradition. The colors that you see when placed in or near a window is incredible.

Putting my spin on a favorite design, I used a mandala flower in greens, blues, yellows; all dark to light colors in between. My signature, a peace sign charm, has been added.

Gift to someone special for a birthday gift, as a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift, graduation, housewarming, anniversary, wedding. Or keep it for yourself because you are special too!

For indoor use only.