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Crescent Flower Moon Mosaic
Flower Moon
Hand cut Stained Glass and Mirror
12 inches

Crescent Flower Moon Mosaic
Hand cut Stained Glass, Mirror
Measures 12 inches high

I call her: Flower Moon. "The Moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one Moon."~Jean Ingelow

Hand cut stained glass leaves and a vine that connects to these flowers was a joy to see come to life. Each flower is different but the same in many aspects. This is one of those mosaics that has to be seen to be appreciated.

The dark glass surrounding the flowers looks black but it is actually very deep purple. Depending on the light that shines on it, it will change from black to purple. The iridescent pieces used all shine slightly differently from color to color. I've used recycled mirror to outline the flower shapes. It's really quite amazing.

My signature, a peace sign charm, has been added. A felt pad has been attached so the back will not scratch your walls. Signed and dated.

Anyone who loves celestial designs will absolutely LOVE this crescent moon.

Indoor use only.