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Bohemian Flower Mosaic Wall Art
Bohemian Flower
Stained Glass Mosaic
11 x 16 Inches

Mosaic Flower, Bohemian style. I took an old MDF shelf heading toward the recycling bin and drew a flower on it, adding stained glass and recycled mirror making this shelf a groovy piece of mosaic art. The flower has an orange 1/2 circle in the center, iridescent glass and recycled mirror highlighting the brown, green, orange and red glass. Pretty pieces of mirror in swirls attach to the flower. Background is in black with spots here and there of colors of glass used in the flower. A small peace sign in the corner is my signature, and I've signed the back and dated it as well.

The back has 2 D-rings with a wire for easy and sturdy hanging. 2 felt pads are attached to the bottom to protect your walls from getting scratched by the MDF wood.

All hand cut pieces, done at the time of creation, this 16 x 11 inch wall hanging is quite an impressive addition to anyone's home or office. Give as a wedding gift, holiday present or birthday gift.

Invest in a beautiful piece of mosaic art. It's absolutely stunning.

I enjoy taking things headed toward the landfill and creating something unique with them. Broken pieces of mirror and the shelf itself, were salvaged and reused.

Indoor use only.