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Wall Art
A Bird in the Sun
stained glass, tempered glass, dish tiles
8 inches

This piece is called "A Bird In The Sun". The sun is so vibrant here, orange and iridescent white, yellow and the bird in the center is made using a thin dish with vines on it. The heart added to the bird is a nice focal point showing love. Surrounding the sun is acrylic in yellow and gold glitter under tempered glass. My signature, a peace sign, has been added. Signed and dated on the back.

Gift someone special or purchase this for yourself, after all you're worth it. Makes a great addition to a collection of celestial designs you or someone you know may have. Those that like eclectic art will love this piece of mosaic art. Share it, keep it, but mostly ... enjoy it.

This is a magical piece of wall art measuring 7-3/4 inches and I'm delighted to have created another sun to add to the collection in celestial art in my shop. Ready for hanging.

Indoor use only.