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Mosaic Wall Art
stained glass, mirror, ball chain
7-3/4 in

I call this mosaic "Lucy", who has diamonds in the sky around her. This is an inspirational ode to a favorite band of mine as a teenager. It shows a setting or rising sun, however you perceive it, surrounded by stars and bits of hand cut mirror and glass in circles. The sky is the beautiful iridescent stained glass in black. Depending on the light source, it turns blue, purple, green, red. It's one of my favorite kinds of glass to use. The sun has bright colors in yellow, orange, red and blue hand cut stained glass, silver mirror in it and a bit of ball chain. The wood frame is painted in a royal dark purple. My signature, a peace sign, has been added to the front. Signed and dated.

Gift someone special or purchase this for yourself, after all you're worth it. Makes a great addition to a collection of celestial designs you or someone you know may have. Those that like the music from the 60's will know the meaning of this mosaic piece. Share it, keep it, but mostly ... enjoy it.

This is a magical piece of wall art measuring 7-3/4 inches and I'm delighted to use so many shiny elements in it. Ready for hanging.

Indoor use only.