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Mid Century Modern Mosaic
Mid Century Modern - Wood and Mosaic
Dish Tiles
16 x 7 inches

This Mid Century Modern Mosaic Wall Art has a history to it. The base is a wooden trivet, made by my Father in the late 1950's, early 1960’s. The design was just starting to become known and adored and he and a friend sold many of these in NYC. The band around the top handle is real leather and the wood was cut using a lathe, sanded down and stained by my Dad. A few years ago he handed me 5 of these beauties and asked if I could use them for mosaics. The first one I made is mine to keep but a few I've decided to sell.

Done in all hand cut blue stained glass in varying degrees of color, the center section has 4 hand cut flowers from a favorite set of dishes I like to use in my mosaics. My Dad has whittled small feet on the bottom to protect the surface of either a wall or table.

Hang on the wall, use as a candle trivet; it's up to you how you display this unusual piece of handmade artisans work. But please display it proudly!

Makes a great gift for an anniversary, wedding, new home owner, apartment dweller, college bound student, birthday, retirement and the list goes on.

Keep it and gift yourself. I absolutely believe you will smile each time you see it.

Not recommended for food or oven use.

Indoor use only.